9 Historical-Romance-Inspired Items (Not) to Wear to Your Next Staff Meeting

What would happen if you wore a regency-era accessory or piece of clothing in today’s workplace? It would make things more interesting, wouldn’t it? You would be the talk of your team, department, floor, or heck, maybe even the whole company. You could suddenly be catapulted from “Jill in Accounting” to “Jill in Accounting Who Wore the Cool Vintage Dress.” You’d have more swagger. The day-to-day stress would roll off your satin-puffed shoulders. Here are some regency-era, historical-romance inspired clothing items that you should wear or bring to work “ASAP.”


Any man who wears a tailcoat and accompanying waistcoat will look like a leader. It’s even better if you stick one hand inside the jacket, Napoleon-style. Very distinguished.

This small circular-shaped piece of glass can be held over the eye, and is ideal for peering at objects–or even people. If someone in the meeting says something that doesn’t make sense, the quizzing glass will aptly convey your need for clarity.

When a lady is bored, she should open a colorful fan, sigh heavily and cool herself. It will also be helpful during any heated discussions and moments of tension at a staff meeting.

  • A lady’s corset, a.k.a. stays

If you’re the type to feign sick, stays will help your strategy. The vice grip around your ribcage will hinder your breathing and possibly change your facial coloring. These symptoms will evoke sympathy from your colleagues and manager, who will quickly advise you to go home.

Wearing gloves will make it harder to type on a keyboard and to handle documents. They also come in handy for germaphobes.

This underskirt has the potential to balloon the lower-half of a lady’s dress to unseemly proportions. That garment, along with an authentic ballgown and the use of grand gestures, would show a commanding presence. A petticoat would also make it difficult to sit in a chair, at which time you could ask the building maintenance crew to bring in your chaise.

Though these are quite fashionable for women nowadays, riding boots on a man would be a standout. Colleagues will ask if you’ve taken up some sort of equestrian sport or bought a horse. You could answer yes to both, since either one would be impressive.

What other items should I add to this list?



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