My Bookmarks List Is Growing

thought-catalog-641073-unsplash.jpgThe more I write, the more tools and resources I depend on. The Bookmarks section of my computer is a growing testimony of that fact. For the first time, I had to create folders for my Bookmarks. Things feel more organized now with those little folders. When I want to retrieve Words to Use Instead of Said, they are no longer lost between 6 Stretches for Pain Relief and the Table-for-Two Lasagna Recipe.

Now, my writing-related stuff is in the Writing folder, my cooking-related stuff is in the Recipes folder, and everything else is just under Favorites.

That said, I couldn’t help but wonder how many bookmarks people have.

I did a Google search for it, and I couldn’t find an article with an average. But I did find an old forum with a poll taken in 2010. Only 21 people responded. Most had less than 100 bookmarks, and most of them visited 10 percent or less of those bookmarks. Sounds about right for me.

For comment below: How many bookmarks do you have on your computer?

Here is a short list of the writing-related bookmarks that I use heavily.

Here are some of my most recently added Bookmarks—tools that I haven’t purchased yet but would like to use:

Have you used any of these tools?

For comment: What are your favorite writing-related bookmarks?

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