Sometimes the Universe Comes Knocking…


Sometimes, the Universe drops us hints. Knocks on our noggin. Kicks us in the rear with a pointed, fiery boot.

And it’s up to us to pay attention and take heed.

I had such a tiny experience with the Universe. Three little experiences, actually.

First, I stumbled upon the submission guidelines on POPSUGAR’s website. I’m still not sure how that happened. I was reading an article about hair online. One thing led to another, and then POPSUGAR’s pretty navy blue “Write for Us!” button popped up on my screen. The Universe is funny like that.

Second, I received an email from Carina Press. No, it wasn’t a, “Hey, girl” personalized email from one of their editors, if that’s what you’re thinking. I subscribe to their e-newsletter. The only thing personalized about it was my email address. But that’s okay. The content of the email was what got my attention. “We are once again open to proposals,” it reads. And they’re accepting submissions until December 3.

Those two things happened on the same day. And because I’ve been working on my spiritual feng-shui, I see the above signs that the Universe is knockin’.

How do I know?

Because I recently wondered about writing articles for an online publication. I just didn’t know which one, and I didn’t know how.

I also currently revisited the idea of submitting a manuscript to an agent. I’m still getting over my own angst with the traditional publishing process, and found the email from Carina Press to be quite timely.

So what was experience number three?

The third experience is what, I think, brings everything together. I was riding on the plane a few weeks ago, watching a YETI Presents short video about Wyman Meinzer. He’s the official state photographer of Texas. He looks like he wears Brut aftershave and can probably stare down a grizzly. And because the idea of that fascinates me—and because I like to watch shows like Mountain Men—I found Mr. Meinzer riveting.

In the video, he talks about his beginnings as a photographer. He got rejection after rejection during the late ‘70s. Then he made a decision. To get better. To get so good that “they’re going to want my images someday.”

About being officially recognized for photography: “You don’t shoot for these things. But if you work and love and have a passion, these things will come.” – Wyman Meinzer

I was so moved by Meinzer’s inspirational nuggets that I wrote them down and have looked over them several times since. This was just a week or two before I saw the Write for Us! button on POPSUGAR and the all-call for submissions from Carina Press.

The point is that I think it’s all related. I think the Universe is knocking, and I need to heed the call. If I get rejected, that’s okay. Because, maybe, they’re going to want my writing someday.

Or maybe I’m supposed to pass this information on to you.


Has the Universe been dropping hints for you lately? Are you open to what the Universe is telling you?

Photo by Lillian Grace on Unsplash

Published by Rene Penn

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes the Universe Comes Knocking…

  1. Your title drew me in so I guess the universe was knocking. Take advantage of every situation. Life opens doors and every now and than we need to peak inside and see what the party is all about.

    Enjoy the adventure. Happy I found your site.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear that. And thanks for stopping by! It gave me a chance to check out your blog, too. You had me at “Comedy, Romance, and Nightmares…oh my!!” Now following you, and kinda interested in reading one of your horror short stories! 🙂 –RP


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