Cranberry Apple Nut Bread and Cold-Weather Blues


I don’t like cold weather, which means I’m less than amused when late-Fall rolls around. To combat that feeling, I try to concentrate on the wonderful things that only happen during this time of year. Football. Holidays. Family Gatherings. And Autumn-inspired foods.

That includes cranberries. Boy, do I love cranberries. I’ll take them dried and tossed on a salad. I’ll take them fresh and cooked into cranberry sauce. And I’ll most definitely take them baked in bread.


A few years ago, I found a great Cranberry Nut Bread recipe, and have made it a tradition to bake it up during the cold-weather months.

I was all set to make it this weekend, when I realized that I didn’t have any buttermilk or oranges. But I wasn’t going to be deterred. I needed my fix.

I went to the Google machine and found an alternative. This Apple Cranberry Nut Bread recipe doesn’t require buttermilk or oranges. Luckily, I had apples on hand, as well as all of the other ingredients.


I must admit, I was a bit worried toward the end of the prep process, when I poured the wet ingredients into the dry ones. The batter seemed a bit dry.


But I worried for nothing. (Isn’t that usually the case in life?)


The end result was a delicious, moist bread with notes of tangy and sweet. The batter that had seemed dry during the mixing process, ended up creating a nice subtle crunch once the bread was baked.


Hubby and I ate our slices for dessert after dinner. Actually, he had three pieces. I think that means he liked it.

Now, I have another great dish to help me beat the cold-weather blues.

What holiday or cold-weather cooking or baking traditions do you have?


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