Coming Soon, Santa Bring Me a Ryan



Earlier this year, I decided to start writing something a little different. A holiday romance novel.

I wanted it to be fun—a light-hearted love story with rom-com movie flair, like my novella Fake It Til She Makes It.

I wondered: what will the female main character’s goal be? Maybe she’ll want something for Christmas?

Ryan Gosling came to mind. And so did Ryan Reynolds. And Ryan Phillipe. Yes, the main character will want Santa to bring her “a Ryan.”

The idea made me laugh. But to make a story interesting, there must be conflict.

I wondered: what if Santa doesn’t bring her a Ryan? Maybe he brings her a Bryan, instead?


What if Bryan is her boss?


And what if her boss, Bryan, has to fire her?

Now, we’re talking!

The characters started talking, too—coming to life, developing their voices, and sharing their stories.

Santa Bring Me a Ryan is a funny, light-hearted, holiday romp inspired by Meet the Parents, Bridget Jones Diary, and a whole lot of holiday spirit.

I look forward to sharing Jules’ and Bryan’s love story with you.

1600x2560 Romance eBook Cover.png

The e-book will be on Amazon soon. Once it’s available, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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