Writing, Moving, and House-Hunting

I’ve been a busy little beaver! In December, I published my holiday romance novel, Santa Bring Me a Ryan. And now I’m working on the outline for my next book. A Weekend With Warren will be book three of the Love and Work series. Updates and a book cover image are coming next month.

Meanwhile, Fake It Til She Makes It, book one of the Love and Work series, has received 20 reviews on Amazon. Woohoo. Hitting that mark—along with 23 reviews from Goodreads—is a small victory worth celebrating.

Thanks, again, to all of you who have submitted reviews!

On to other big news: hubby and I moved from the Washington, DC area to southern California!

It’s an exciting change that we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Though I miss being able to see my east coast family and friends, we are lucky enough to have a network of them here. They have made the transition easy. However, having nearby scenery like this doesn’t hurt, either.

Ever since we got to CA, we’ve been house-hunting. And let me tell you, the market is super tight right now. We put in an offer on a house. Got all excited. Did our happy dance. And then we found out that six other people submitted offers, too. Ugh. As you probably guessed, we didn’t win the house. So the hunt continues.

While checking out houses, we’ve seen some interesting things along the way. Here are a few:

This old-school intercom system was found throughout many rooms of one house. Ears everywhere, kids! 🙂
This vintage phone wasn’t just a piece of art, it actually had a dial tone!
I loved this classic typewriter paired with gorgeous travel cases.

Wish me luck as the house-hunting continues. If you have any survival tips…I mean, house-buying tips…during a seller’s market, please pass them on!

Photo by Eli Allan on Unsplash

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3 thoughts on “Writing, Moving, and House-Hunting

  1. What a view, wow! And the climate shift you must be experiencing, wow to that too.

    Best of luck to you with this giant step, fun and stressful as it is. I remember intercoms like that, what a flashback. I hope this move is inspiring and adds to your writing. You have so much new content to play with!! (At least that’s how I can’t help but see new steps, well in part….okay there’s so many things to look at and think and ugh everything is food for the writer brain). Best of luck to you!

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    1. Hi again! Thanks so much for the well wishes! Moving here has definitely sparked my creativity and writing. Being in a more laid-back environment and enjoying a warmer winter climate definitely have a lot to do with it! Like you wrote, I just need to funnel this new experience and environment into new content. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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