Summer is passing so fast…

What’s happening to our summer? It’s going by so fast. It’s already late-August. Sheesh. I’m clearly not keeping up. But time has been weird during the pandemic, hasn’t it? The days can be slow yet fast. They go by in a blur or hover like a cloudy haze. Bizarre, indeed.

I hope that you and your family have been able to manage these bizarre days–and maybe carve out some moments of normalcy.

Before the recent “heat wave” hit the southern California area, hubby and I went for a hike by the lake at Cuyamaca State Park.

Cuyamaca is pronounced Koo-yuh-ma-kuh. Yes, it has taken me at least ten tries to say it right. Yes, I still get the spelling wrong. And yes, I confuse it with Kumeyaay, which is another park nearby. Similar name vibe, right? See my brain’s dilemma?

Cuyamaca State Park was about an hour drive away. We paid ten bucks for the lake access entrance. Some families there were having barbecues. I promise you I didn’t steal anyone’s burger. Though, I may have gotten away with it…you know, with wearing a mask and all. 😉

Walking along the lake was really nice. The sun was shining. And as you can see, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Temperature-wise, it was probably in the mid-to-upper seventies with a nice breeze. The sun was pretty strong, though. My arms tingled with heat frequently, and I kept slathering on the sunscreen. I’m pretty sure I left a shade or two browner than when I got there. 🙂

Being with nature, and going for walks, has been really important for me during the pandemic. It centers me, relaxes my thoughts, and reminds me of all I have to be grateful for.

There was a large section of tall blades of grass near the lake. It looked magical. The kind you see people run through in the movies. I didn’t attempt it, because…well…who knows what creepy-crawlies are lurking among tall grass. And there was a sign on one of the trails to watch for rattlesnakes. Eek!

Luckily, we didn’t see anything scary like snakes around, just cute chipmunks, chipmunks, and birds. Though, we did see something like vultures circling overhead. Not so cute.

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