My Latest Story…Free

Looking for a sweet, small-town summer story ?

I’ve written a fun, clean romance short story called A Summer of Songs. It takes about an hour to read and was a lot of fun to write.

And, oh yeah, it’s free. 🙂

About A Summer of Songs:

Ex-boy-band member Brent Diggs used to top the R&B charts and sell out tours. But the band broke up. Now, he’s shifting gears to focus on songwriting. However, the words and melodies won’t come.

He goes to a small-town B&B to get over his creativity block. Yet, nothing seems to help—until he sees the girl next door and wonders if she just might be his muse.

This book is not available on Amazon. But if you read it and would like to provide feedback, please complete this quick four-question survey. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy A Summer of Songs.

Published by Rene Penn

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2 thoughts on “My Latest Story…Free

  1. I’ve downloaded and also printed hardcopies of these darling books to give to friends and family! Thanks for making them available. Really enjoy the humor, the bright and happy dialogue between people who sound real and human and likeable/loveable! They are people in relatable, normal, everyday situations , who approach life with such upbeat and healthy attitudes.
    Please keep writing, Rene Penn. You have an appreciative audience out here.

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