5 Reasons for Writers to Try Twitter Pitches

I previously posted about Twitter pitch conferences. I’m a fan. A big fan. Yesterday was #PitMad, and I jumped over to Twitter several times throughout the day, scrolling through the feed, reading assorted summaries of literary loveliness. Oh, how they lie in wait for a heart-click like…

Twitter pitches are inspiring and hopeful. Calculating and agonizing. Yet, they are an incredible tool for authors that should not be ignored.

What are Twitter pitch conferences?

It’s an online opportunity for writers to get matched with a literary agent. Twitter pitch conferences are sponsored by different organizations, but they all usually last one day, from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET.

If you are an author who aspires to have your book published by any means other than self-publishing, you absolutely should participate in Twitter pitch events because literary agents and acquisition editors are participating.

Cristen Iris, editor — https://cristeniris.com/why-you-should-participate-in-a-twitter-pitch-event/

In a tweet, writers provide the hook for their book within the 280-character max, adding the hashtag for that particular conference, e.g., #PitMad. And if an agent likes what they see, they’ll heart-like your post.

Usually, the agent will DM their submission requirements or pin the info on their feed. So your book should be complete when you post your pitch. And if your manuscript goes through the submission process and gets accepted…

You can land an agent.

Twitter pitches kind of remind me of the NFL Combine, where amazing athletes showcase their talent for scouts in hopes of getting signed by a team.

Luckily, Twitter pitch conferences don’t require as much physical energy. But, let’s face it, writers put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their books.

It’s cool to know that there are opportunities for us to showcase our book, right within a tweet. It sure beats sending mass emails to literary agents who may or may not be interested in your book.

As a new agent, the first few clients I signed were authors I connected with through Twitter pitch contests….There are many different pitch contests hosted on Twitter. The two most prominent, PitMad and DVPit (marginalized authors only), are hosted multiple times a year. 

Zabé Ellor, agent — https://www.manuscriptwishlist.com/2019/04/how-to-craft-the-picture-perfect-twitter-pitch/

You can get out of the slush pile.

Trying to get a literary agent can be a grueling process. If you do it cold with no lead, your book is likely to end up in the email “slush pile” along with the other unsolicited manuscripts that the agent has received.

But with a Twitter pitch conference, you have an “in,” an icebreaker, a lead. If an agent clicks that lovely heart button on your post, you know that they’re interested in your book. You get moved toward the top of their priority pile and out of the email slush. Ahhhh.

Hang out on twitter…participate in online and offline pitch contests… Then, when you follow up, you can set your communication apart by referencing your previous contact in the subject line.

Career Authors — https://careerauthors.com/truth-about-the-slush-pile/

You can see what’s trending.

Even when I don’t pitch, I like to do a quick search on Twitter for the conference’s hashtag and scroll through the “Top” feed.

Usually, the most popular tweets are listed first. You can notice trends based on how many likes a Twitter pitch has.

Young adult fantasy books still seem to be pretty popular, which is something I’ve noticed for the past few years. Check out this one below, which has 218 retweets! Whew! People really want to see this book published.

You can follow agents.

Whether you participate in a Twitter pitch conference or you simply observe, don’t forget to follow agents that might be interested in manuscripts like yours. It may come in handy when you’re ready to pitch someday.

 “It’s as much about community as it is about finding the perfect agent.”

Cat Cho, author — https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/childrens/childrens-book-news/article/75679-twitter-events-connect-agents-and-writers.html

You can gain confidence.

Let me tell you somethin’. If you participate in a Twitter pitch and you get a “like” from an agent, you are going to be. On. Cloud. 9.

The roof could cave in or your husband could eat the last fudge-stripe cookie, and you won’t care.

Why? Because an agent is interested in your book. You now have validation that your book baby is the most beautiful creature on the face of the planet.

No matter what happens, whether it leads to representation from an agent or not, you’ll never be the same. You’ll have the confidence to try again…and again…until you find success.

I tweeted during #pitmad 3 times. Twice out into the void and once specifically to an agent named @ecarriehowland who asked to be pitched to her directly… A week later, she offered representation and while I had 4 offers I knew Carrie was it for me.

Rachel Simon, author — https://pitchwars.org/pitmad-successes/

Other helpful resources:

Have you participated in a Twitter pitch conference? What has been your experience?

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