What I Write

I love to write fun, funny, fast-paced stories with a happy ending. I think of my books as escape reads. Right now, I’m focusing on romance, but I have some ideas for women’s fiction in the hopper, too.

Who Am I Writing For

people who want to read a book to escape from their commute on a crowded train (yep, that used to be me!)

people who want a pick-me-up during their lunch break at work

people who want to steal a few minutes to themselves during a busy day

people who are hopeless romantics at heart

people who are hopeful about love

people who like living vicariously through a character in a book

What I Like

Hanging out with family and friends

Salty, crunchy snacks



Romcom movies


Laughing til my cheeks hurt

James Baldwin

Naps on a rainy Sunday

The Graham Norton Show

Writing and reading

Warm, summer days



The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

British accents

Sea salt caramels

Videos of deployed soldiers being reunited with their families

Marriage equality

Red lipstick

Books by Tessa Dare

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