Cranberry Apple Nut Bread and Cold-Weather Blues

I don’t like cold weather, which means I’m less than amused when late-Fall rolls around. To combat that feeling, I try to concentrate on the wonderful things that only happen during this time of year. Football. Holidays. Family Gatherings. And Autumn-inspired foods. That includes cranberries. Boy, do I love cranberries. I’ll take them dried andContinue reading “Cranberry Apple Nut Bread and Cold-Weather Blues”

Apple Picking and CrockPot Cider

Last weekend, hubby and I went apple-picking in Maryland. It was a sunshine-filled day, the air had a crisp, fall bite to it, and we were welcomed to the farm by a friendly little goat. The farm we visited grows Pink Lady apples. I’ve always thought that was a funny name, and have wondered whyContinue reading “Apple Picking and CrockPot Cider”