There’s Something To Be Said for…

I’m in between writing books. I finished one, and it’s ready for an editor’s critique. In a future post, I’ll discuss the process that I’m tweaking to start writing my next book. But for now, I’m reflecting. I’m feeling introspective. I have the Thinking Man pose. Several things come to mind. Okay, 8 things. There’sContinue reading “There’s Something To Be Said for…”

7 Ways to Find an Editor—and How to Know When It’s Time

Whether you’re interested in publishing traditionally or going the indie, self-publishing route, getting an editor to review your manuscript is a mandatory step in every writer’s process. I recently took that step. I sent my WIP to an editor, which means, while I wait for her edits, you may find me biting my nails, whimperingContinue reading “7 Ways to Find an Editor—and How to Know When It’s Time”

6 Questions to Ask Beta-Readers

Curious to know what to ask beta-readers? I was, too. I had toiled over my novel manuscript, rewrote it, and then sent it off to beta-readers—I released the baby bird. I knew the manuscript had flaws, but I needed confirmation on what the flaws were and how to tackle them. I needed validation and maybeContinue reading “6 Questions to Ask Beta-Readers”