14 Marketing and Branding Tips I Learned at the RWA Writers Conference

This post–marketing and branding tips for writers–is part two of all the great things I learned while attending the Romance Writers of America 2018 annual conference. My previous post, part one, covered 12 Writing and Research Tips I Learned. Check. It. Out. But first, look at these 14 marketing and branding tips for writers. Sell swag or merchandise thatContinue reading “14 Marketing and Branding Tips I Learned at the RWA Writers Conference”

Who Are Your Author Peers?

I first learned about this concept–“author peers” or “peer authors”–about two years ago. It’s been a game-changer for me, and certainly an ongoing educational process. But this whole writing thing kinda is anyway, isn’t it? First, let me explain what I mean by author peers. If you were published, author peers would be writers whoseContinue reading “Who Are Your Author Peers?”