Writing a Book about Natural Hair

My friends and family know that there are two topics that I love to discuss: writing and hair. So it makes sense that I write a book about hair. That way, I get to incorporate my two favorite activities into one experience. The result for me? A glitter bomb mind explosion. The result for readers?Continue reading “Writing a Book about Natural Hair”

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Free RomCom Book, Launch Results

If you’re interested in a fun, funny, breezy summer/beach read, today is the last day to get Fake It Til She Makes It for free on Amazon. My debut romantic comedy novella has been trending in categories for Top 100 Free Amazon Bestsellers, and the free book promo ends today. If you’re one of my fave folksContinue reading “Free RomCom Book, Launch Results”

Why Do Romance Readers Like Bad Boys?

From bikers to billionaires to heartbreakers, bad boy personalities range the spectrum for many romance novels. Readers gobble up their antics in books, delight in tattoo sleeves on book covers, and revel when he gets the girl. Readers devour it all. Why is that? Why are novels with bad boys so intriguing? I blame JaneContinue reading “Why Do Romance Readers Like Bad Boys?”

Who Reads Romance Novels and Why?

When you write a book, they say that you should learn who your audience is. Since I mainly work on romance novels, it was easy for me to deduce that the audience is mostly female. But what else is there to know? The Romance Writers of America cites some great statistics, but here’s what itContinue reading “Who Reads Romance Novels and Why?”

What I Learned from Colleen Coble’s The Lightkeeper’s Ball

As I get more dedicated to my writing, I’ve grown more strategic about my reading. I would usually pick up whatever looked interesting, what I was in the mood to read, or what was the “in” book. Though, I must admit, I’ve always been late to the party when it comes to the “in” books. Continue reading “What I Learned from Colleen Coble’s The Lightkeeper’s Ball”

Seven Black Authors Who Write Historical Romance

I am currently writing a historical romance novel, which means that I love to read historical romance novels, too. One day, I went to the Google machine in search of historical romance novels with black or African American characters—or historical romance novels written by black authors. The list is small. (Sad face.) Here’s what IContinue reading “Seven Black Authors Who Write Historical Romance”