Only 20 Minutes of Social Media a Day for Writers?

At the writer’s conference that I mentioned in my previous blog post, the conference guru led a session about social media and blogging. He suggested that we writers spend only 20 minutes a day on social media. I’m curious to know what your reaction is to this. Because for me, his statement triggered an eye-popping, gag-choke-laugh reflexContinue reading “Only 20 Minutes of Social Media a Day for Writers?”

A Non-Poet’s Ode to Writer’s Guilt

I wish I were a poet to explain how I feel about writer’s guilt. Then I could adequately express my annoyance with it, at a raw and visceral level. I would paint a picture that covered the five senses. Writer’s guilt would look, feel, taste, sound, and smell like this in my poem.   But I’m notContinue reading “A Non-Poet’s Ode to Writer’s Guilt”