Sometimes the Universe Comes Knocking…

Sometimes, the Universe drops us hints. Knocks on our noggin. Kicks us in the rear with a pointed, fiery boot. And it’s up to us to pay attention and take heed. I had such a tiny experience with the Universe. Three little experiences, actually. First, I stumbled upon the submission guidelines on POPSUGAR’s website. I’mContinue reading “Sometimes the Universe Comes Knocking…”

The Elusive Goal of Getting Published

I recently came upon an important anniversary. A year ago was my last day working a full-time job. With my husband’s support, I decided to give this writing thing a go. I dove into the writer life. Sink or swim. Publish or bust. I set some goals: Write every day. Finish a manuscript. Work onContinue reading “The Elusive Goal of Getting Published”

Be Vulnerable, Fail Forward, #WriterLife

I go through cycles during my writing process. Writing my first draft is my favorite part of the cycle. During that time, I tell the judgmental side of myself to buzz off. And for whatever reason, thankfully, it listens. During that time, I get to explore. It’s fun. It’s freeing. It’s the kid-in-the-candy-store side of writing. EvenContinue reading “Be Vulnerable, Fail Forward, #WriterLife”

This Year Is 20Gr18, When Great Things Happen

The holidays are over, and it’s “20Gr18.” Expectations are high, and I’m already excited about what’s in store. I think that the year 2018 is going to be a year when great things will happen. I’ve noticed that years can be somewhat cyclical. One year can be more like a “prep” year, where I’m doing lots of preparing,Continue reading “This Year Is 20Gr18, When Great Things Happen”

Typing Up My Chicken Scratch #WriterProblems

The first draft of my fiction manuscript is done. Yes! But it’s handwritten, across four notebooks, totaling 378 pages. The next step of the process is typing everything up. Panic. And breathe. I had a feeling it was going to be rough, converting this draft from chicken scratch to a lustrous Times New Roman, Word document.Continue reading “Typing Up My Chicken Scratch #WriterProblems”