Clawing to The End of a WIP

I’ve been clawing my way to the end of a manuscript. I think this first draft is pretty decent, given how first drafts can be. It just feels like I clawed my way through at the end. Am I the only one who’s felt that way? Getting to the end is so different from the otherContinue reading “Clawing to The End of a WIP”

Why Do Romance Readers Like Bad Boys?

From bikers to billionaires to heartbreakers, bad boy personalities range the spectrum for many romance novels. Readers gobble up their antics in books, delight in tattoo sleeves on book covers, and revel when he gets the girl. Readers devour it all. Why is that? Why are novels with bad boys so intriguing? I blame JaneContinue reading “Why Do Romance Readers Like Bad Boys?”

Will There Be a “Crazy Rich Asians Movie” Effect for Romance Novels?

At the end of 2017, BookBub released a list of the 32 biggest book-to-movie adaptations scheduled for 2018. Only four of the movies named are based on novels with a central romantic element: Fifty Shades Freed by E L James Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 38% (Tomatometer: 12%) Released in Theaters: Feb. 9, 2018 Box Office Total: $95,599,460*Continue reading “Will There Be a “Crazy Rich Asians Movie” Effect for Romance Novels?”

6 Weird Stages: After Hearing My Editor’s Feedback

I found an editor. I sent her my fiction manuscript. I awaited her feedback. And I got it. Her email. Track changes. Phone call. And then things got weird. For me, not for her. She was fine. She is fine. She’s quite good. But I wasn’t surprised. I had done my research. I also likedContinue reading “6 Weird Stages: After Hearing My Editor’s Feedback”

Who Reads Romance Novels and Why?

When you write a book, they say that you should learn who your audience is. Since I mainly work on romance novels, it was easy for me to deduce that the audience is mostly female. But what else is there to know? The Romance Writers of America cites some great statistics, but here’s what itContinue reading “Who Reads Romance Novels and Why?”