8 Writer-Inspired Things To Do On Vacation

I’ve come to a realization about my vacation time. When I’m away and exploring a new place, I like to writer-geek it up. I check out sights and do things to inspire my creative-writing side. It gives a new twist on how to spend a vacation, especially when it’s hard to sit down and writeContinue reading “8 Writer-Inspired Things To Do On Vacation”

IDK, Am I Hip? Part Two

Last week, I wrote about #WriterAcronyms, and how important it is to understand them if you’re a writer using social media. I also joked about the word “hip”. The concept deserved its own post. So here we are… “Hip” Awareness and Lack Thereof Per Dictionary. com, one of the definitions for hip is: “familiar with orContinue reading “IDK, Am I Hip? Part Two”

IDK, Am I Hip? #WriterAcronyms

A long-time friend sent a group text announcing what “IDK” means. Her pre-teen had filled her in on the acronym. IDK stands for I don’t know, she wrote. She was passing on the knowledge to us forty-somethings to keep us “hip.” The “hip” comment was the icing on the cake. I must proudly say thatContinue reading “IDK, Am I Hip? #WriterAcronyms”

9 Things I’m Still Learning from the “Big Read” Experience

I’ve done it again—I finished a draft of my WIP (work-in-progress), printed it out, and did the Big Read. I noticed the following similarities and differences from the time I reached this point with a previous manuscript. It’s still like to see the book printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. It feels more realContinue reading “9 Things I’m Still Learning from the “Big Read” Experience”

6 NaNoWriMo Tips for Vacation, Thanksgiving

Do you know that “All Is Lost” moment in a novel? It usually happens at the end of Act Two. I feel like that’s where I’m at with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Why? Because I went to San Diego for vacation. And my word count status for NaNoWriMo has plummeted. For me and myContinue reading “6 NaNoWriMo Tips for Vacation, Thanksgiving”

15 Writer Tools & Resources I Like

Last week, I wrote about the ever-expanding Bookmarks section of my computer. There are so many great writer-related tools and resources out there, I want them all two-click ready. After I published that post, I decided that it may be good to do a follow-up article where I talk about my favorite tools and resources,Continue reading “15 Writer Tools & Resources I Like”

14 Marketing and Branding Tips I Learned at the RWA Writers Conference

This post–marketing and branding tips for writers–is part two of all the great things I learned while attending the Romance Writers of America 2018 annual conference. My previous post, part one, covered 12 Writing and Research Tips I Learned. Check. It. Out. But first, look at these 14 marketing and branding tips for writers. Sell swag or merchandise thatContinue reading “14 Marketing and Branding Tips I Learned at the RWA Writers Conference”

12 Writing and Research Tips I Learned from the RWA Writers Conference

If you ever get to a Romance Writers of America annual conference, you’ll learn a thing or two…or 12. Sure, the workshops may be geared toward writers of the romance genre, but much of the advice taught is applicable to authors across the fiction spectrum. Intrigued now? Good. I jotted down so many tips as IContinue reading “12 Writing and Research Tips I Learned from the RWA Writers Conference”