The Bachelorette Blogger, a Story, Chapter 4: Another Card to Play

Chapter 4: Another Card to Play Trevor’s met enough women to know when there is, or isn’t, a connection. And this feeling, this magnetic pull between him and Zoe, is definitely a connection. But he only has five minutes with her at this speed dating event to get to know her. “What made you decideContinue reading “The Bachelorette Blogger, a Story, Chapter 4: Another Card to Play”

Why Do Romance Readers Like Bad Boys?

From bikers to billionaires to heartbreakers, bad boy personalities range the spectrum for many romance novels. Readers gobble up their antics in books, delight in tattoo sleeves on book covers, and revel when he gets the girl. Readers devour it all. Why is that? Why are novels with bad boys so intriguing? I blame JaneContinue reading “Why Do Romance Readers Like Bad Boys?”

The Bachelorette Blogger, a Story, Chapter 3: Je Ne Sais Quoi

Chapter 3: Je Ne Sais Quoi Zoe is standing in a modern art museum, scrolling through her latest post on The Bachelorette Blogger, the one where she explains the bet she made with her matchmaking mom. The comments to her post include things like: “I would never let my mom set me up.” “Good luck.Continue reading “The Bachelorette Blogger, a Story, Chapter 3: Je Ne Sais Quoi”

#DVpit, 10 Things I Noticed

Yesterday, October 17, was #DVpit on Twitter for adult fiction and nonfiction books. “What’s that?” Writers from diverse backgrounds pitched their completed, unpublished manuscript ideas in a tweet. Since it was an organized, publicized effort, agents checked the #DVpit feed on Twitter, looking for manuscripts they may be interested in reading—and hopefully representing. If anContinue reading “#DVpit, 10 Things I Noticed”

The Bachelorette Blogger, a Story, Chapter 2: It Wouldn’t Hurt

Chapter 2: It Wouldn’t Hurt Trevor Dobbs stands on the wide front porch of his new house. His bare front porch. Marcy, the interior designer he called that morning, is pulling up on to his driveway in a Nissan SUV. She steps out with big leather-bound binders in her arms. She looks like she soundedContinue reading “The Bachelorette Blogger, a Story, Chapter 2: It Wouldn’t Hurt”

Sometimes the Universe Comes Knocking…

Sometimes, the Universe drops us hints. Knocks on our noggin. Kicks us in the rear with a pointed, fiery boot. And it’s up to us to pay attention and take heed. I had such a tiny experience with the Universe. Three little experiences, actually. First, I stumbled upon the submission guidelines on POPSUGAR’s website. I’mContinue reading “Sometimes the Universe Comes Knocking…”

The Bachelorette Blogger, a Story, Chapter 1: Deal

  Chapter 1: Deal “Just two more minutes.” Zoe says to her mom. Though five minutes is more like it. But who’s counting?  That’s what happens when Zoe Claiborne goes on her website, The Bachelorette Blogger. She loses track of time, posting about her ridiculous love life, reading comments about her latest disastrous dating adventures,Continue reading “The Bachelorette Blogger, a Story, Chapter 1: Deal”

The Elusive Goal of Getting Published

I recently came upon an important anniversary. A year ago was my last day working a full-time job. With my husband’s support, I decided to give this writing thing a go. I dove into the writer life. Sink or swim. Publish or bust. I set some goals: Write every day. Finish a manuscript. Work onContinue reading “The Elusive Goal of Getting Published”

Be Vulnerable, Fail Forward, #WriterLife

I go through cycles during my writing process. Writing my first draft is my favorite part of the cycle. During that time, I tell the judgmental side of myself to buzz off. And for whatever reason, thankfully, it listens. During that time, I get to explore. It’s fun. It’s freeing. It’s the kid-in-the-candy-store side of writing. EvenContinue reading “Be Vulnerable, Fail Forward, #WriterLife”

Will There Be a “Crazy Rich Asians Movie” Effect for Romance Novels?

At the end of 2017, BookBub released a list of the 32 biggest book-to-movie adaptations scheduled for 2018. Only four of the movies named are based on novels with a central romantic element: Fifty Shades Freed by E L James Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 38% (Tomatometer: 12%) Released in Theaters: Feb. 9, 2018 Box Office Total: $95,599,460*Continue reading “Will There Be a “Crazy Rich Asians Movie” Effect for Romance Novels?”