15 Writer Tools & Resources I Like

Last week, I wrote about the ever-expanding Bookmarks section of my computer. There are so many great writer-related tools and resources out there, I want them all two-click ready. After I published that post, I decided that it may be good to do a follow-up article where I talk about my favorite tools and resources,Continue reading “15 Writer Tools & Resources I Like”

My Bookmarks List Is Growing

The more I write, the more tools and resources I depend on. The Bookmarks section of my computer is a growing testimony of that fact. For the first time, I had to create folders for my Bookmarks. Things feel more organized now with those little folders. When I want to retrieve Words to Use InsteadContinue reading “My Bookmarks List Is Growing”

Submitting to Contests

For the first time in years, I decided to submit some of my writing to a small contest. It has a short submission requirement: Seeking no more than 1,500 words of a scene’s best banter. That seemed very doable to me, like a good way to get my stuff out there. Because that’s the ultimate goal, isn’tContinue reading “Submitting to Contests”

14 Marketing and Branding Tips I Learned at the RWA Writers Conference

This post–marketing and branding tips for writers–is part two of all the great things I learned while attending the Romance Writers of America 2018 annual conference. My previous post, part one, covered 12 Writing and Research Tips I Learned. Check. It. Out. But first, look at these 14 marketing and branding tips for writers. Sell swag or merchandise thatContinue reading “14 Marketing and Branding Tips I Learned at the RWA Writers Conference”

12 Writing and Research Tips I Learned from the RWA Writers Conference

If you ever get to a Romance Writers of America annual conference, you’ll learn a thing or two…or 12. Sure, the workshops may be geared toward writers of the romance genre, but much of the advice taught is applicable to authors across the fiction spectrum. Intrigued now? Good. I jotted down so many tips as IContinue reading “12 Writing and Research Tips I Learned from the RWA Writers Conference”

18 Tips for Creating an Author E-Newsletter

Emails, e-blasts, e-newsletters. Whatever you want to call it, we authors have to do it. Even if we’re not published yet. Okay, especially if we’re not published yet. I will admit, I have been putting this newsletter thing off. I didn’t even realize that I had a short list of reasons why, until the topicContinue reading “18 Tips for Creating an Author E-Newsletter”

6 Weird Stages: After Hearing My Editor’s Feedback

I found an editor. I sent her my fiction manuscript. I awaited her feedback. And I got it. Her email. Track changes. Phone call. And then things got weird. For me, not for her. She was fine. She is fine. She’s quite good. But I wasn’t surprised. I had done my research. I also likedContinue reading “6 Weird Stages: After Hearing My Editor’s Feedback”

I Think I’ll Self-Publish…Or Not

I could make this article about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, with a nice list of 5 or 10 takeaways, complete with bullet points and proper indentation. But I can’t do that. Because I’m freaking out. Deciding whether to self-publish or publish traditionally isn’t easy. I’ve been going round and round on this. I am onContinue reading “I Think I’ll Self-Publish…Or Not”

7 Ways to Find an Editor—and How to Know When It’s Time

Whether you’re interested in publishing traditionally or going the indie, self-publishing route, getting an editor to review your manuscript is a mandatory step in every writer’s process. I recently took that step. I sent my WIP to an editor, which means, while I wait for her edits, you may find me biting my nails, whimperingContinue reading “7 Ways to Find an Editor—and How to Know When It’s Time”

Formatting a Fiction Manuscript? Check These 7 Things

I’m working on the finishing touches of my novella before I send it off to an editor. Fixing copyediting issues, checking the tags, changing the tags—reviewing, tweaking, picking, agonizing, self-doubting, teeth-grinding, and rinse-and-repeating… Between all of that, I realized that I hadn’t spent a whole lot of time on the big picture. I don’t meanContinue reading “Formatting a Fiction Manuscript? Check These 7 Things”