Quick Points on Rewriting the First Line, First Paragraph, First Chapter

I’ve rewritten the first chapter of my WIP about six times. First paragraph? Probably a few more than that.  I had received feedback from one beta-reader that my second chapter was stronger than the first. And another beta-reader informed me that she got into my book “after the first chapter.” After isn’t good. During isContinue reading “Quick Points on Rewriting the First Line, First Paragraph, First Chapter”

Writing a Novel Synopsis, a Book’s Highlight Reel

  A novel synopsis is just a 500-words-or-less summary of my book. No big deal to write, right? Wrong! I thought that I could recycle my outline–cleaning up the scribbled, rewritten, mangled mess that it was. But it ain’t that easy. Luckily, there is help. And this post on PubCrawl was the best that IContinue reading “Writing a Novel Synopsis, a Book’s Highlight Reel”

3 Formulas to Help Write a One-Sentence Novel Summary

I’d like to post about some of the “book basics” that I’ve found particularly challenging, starting with the one-sentence book summary. One way to write a great summary is to see examples—by browsing Amazon.com, for instance. But you know where I found some fantastic, concise, summary grabbers? Right on TV, while thumbing through the channel guide.Continue reading “3 Formulas to Help Write a One-Sentence Novel Summary”

So, There’s This Pitch-Your-Work-On-Twitter Thing, #DVPit

Did you know that aspiring authors can pitch their work on Twitter? Okay, maybe you did. Clearly, I did not—or, it just didn’t fully fire through the ol’ brain synapses until today. Either way, I’m excited about it, which is good blog fodder. Today, April 26, 2018, from 8 a.m. ET to 8 p.m. ET,Continue reading “So, There’s This Pitch-Your-Work-On-Twitter Thing, #DVPit”

How the Arrests at Starbucks Impact Writers of All Colors

      I’m not a protestor. I don’t really participate in boycotts. I don’t even like to post about hot-button issues on social media. But I went against my normal protocol this morning and tweeted this. That statement isn’t a big deal. It’s not vulgar or loaded with anything provocative. It’s more of aContinue reading “How the Arrests at Starbucks Impact Writers of All Colors”

10 Reasons I May Write a Novella Instead of a Novel

Don’t know whether to write a novel or novella? Me neither. And I’m still not sure where this train is headed. I’ve been diligently working on a novel for the last six months, and it’s been tough. No surprise there—that’s part of the writing journey. But while digging up writing tips, I stumbled upon variousContinue reading “10 Reasons I May Write a Novella Instead of a Novel”

Adverbs are bad in fiction? Seriously?

When you type “using adverbs in novels” in the Google Search box, you get the following first five results: Five Habits to Avoid in Fiction Writing | Scribendi How to Cut Adverbs From Your Writing – Writer’s Digest A Writer’s Tools: How to Use Adverbs Properly – Writer’s Digest Don’t Use Adverbs and Adjectives toContinue reading “Adverbs are bad in fiction? Seriously?”

Pre-Made Book Covers—They Exist

If you’re like me, you’ve been thinking about your book cover even though your manuscript isn’t polished yet. It doesn’t hurt to imagine what your book will look like, does it? While working on my first draft, I scanned through stock photos online, then put my book title and pseudonym onto images that I liked.Continue reading “Pre-Made Book Covers—They Exist”

6 Questions to Ask Beta-Readers

Curious to know what to ask beta-readers? I was, too. I had toiled over my novel manuscript, rewrote it, and then sent it off to beta-readers—I released the baby bird. I knew the manuscript had flaws, but I needed confirmation on what the flaws were and how to tackle them. I needed validation and maybeContinue reading “6 Questions to Ask Beta-Readers”

…And Then I Saw ‘Lady Bird’

I’ve been behind the writing schedule I set for my novel-in-progress. I should have already sent out my third draft to two beta readers. They may have even provided feedback by now, if they were completely riveted by the story. (Or not.) As the dates slid, I decided not to wag the finger at myself anymore forContinue reading “…And Then I Saw ‘Lady Bird’”