6 Terms from Historical Romance Novels for Thee to Speaketh

Who needs slang? Historical romance novels, especially regency-era books, are known for their formal, clever turns-of-phrase. Here are some terms to incorporate into your everyday lingo. Bloody I’m cheating a bit with this term, since it’s used in present-day speech. But unfortunately, it just hasn’t caught on here in America. Bloody shame. “Anyway, with hisContinue reading “6 Terms from Historical Romance Novels for Thee to Speaketh”

6 Reasons to Attend Writers Conferences

Last week, I attended the LaJolla Writer’s Conference and had a blast. If you’ve never attended a writer’s conference before, I highly encourage this one—which is known for its small workshop sizes, easy access to authors and agents, and lack of slimy salesmanship. Whether you attend this conference or not, it’s a great experience forContinue reading “6 Reasons to Attend Writers Conferences”

What I Learned from Colleen Coble’s The Lightkeeper’s Ball

As I get more dedicated to my writing, I’ve grown more strategic about my reading. I would usually pick up whatever looked interesting, what I was in the mood to read, or what was the “in” book. Though, I must admit, I’ve always been late to the party when it comes to the “in” books. Continue reading “What I Learned from Colleen Coble’s The Lightkeeper’s Ball”

A Non-Poet’s Ode to Writer’s Guilt

I wish I were a poet to explain how I feel about writer’s guilt. Then I could adequately express my annoyance with it, at a raw and visceral level. I would paint a picture that covered the five senses. Writer’s guilt would look, feel, taste, sound, and smell like this in my poem.   But I’m notContinue reading “A Non-Poet’s Ode to Writer’s Guilt”

Should I, Can I, Try to Write the Great American Novel?

When I was in my early 20s, I started to tell people that I wanted to be a novelist. Many would respond with something like, “Oh, writing the Great American novel?” Yes, I’d say, naively. I thought it would be awesome to have my name in conversation with the literary greats—Ernest Hemingway, Toni Morrison, etc.,…andContinue reading “Should I, Can I, Try to Write the Great American Novel?”

It’s Just a First Draft, Right?

I know, it’s just a first draft. Just get it out! Just go crazy! Just brain dump! Who cares how many times you just wrote “just?” Or that you used too many exclamation points? Don’t worry about commas or split infinitives or run-on sentences or bad grammar. In some cases, you may not even beContinue reading “It’s Just a First Draft, Right?”

Why a Creative Outlet Can Make You a Better Writer

I started, stopped and recently re-started making jewelry. I started because I would see a necklace at a store, for instance, and analyze the ways that it could look different.  I thought that I had an eye for accessories, and decided to take a jewelry-making class in 2013, just for the heck of it. AfterContinue reading “Why a Creative Outlet Can Make You a Better Writer”

Establishing a Daily Routine to Help My Writing

It’s time that I start working on a writing routine, because yesterday morning I spent about 90 minutes looking at YouTube videos from the Graham Norton Show. By the end of it, I had tears streaming down my face and an ab workout from laughing so much. Then, writer’s guilt slapped me in the face.Continue reading “Establishing a Daily Routine to Help My Writing”

Yikes, I Just Signed Up for NANO

I just signed up for NANO. What have I done? *faints* Many writers know why those seemingly harmless initials can cue thoughts of fainting, cold sweats, and uncontrollable facial twitching—and that’s the reaction for those of us who haven’t even participated in NANO before. If the term NANO is new to you, it’s a tenderContinue reading “Yikes, I Just Signed Up for NANO”

How Do I Update My LinkedIn Profile to Show that I’m Working on a Novel Full-Time?

The last day at my 8-to-5 job was Friday, so yesterday I decided to update my resume on LinkedIn. (Can you tell I’m excited for this new phase in my life?) I clicked on the “Add new position” link, which took me to a drop-down menu. I froze at that point, because I wasn’t sureContinue reading “How Do I Update My LinkedIn Profile to Show that I’m Working on a Novel Full-Time?”