Looking for a Free, Fun, Funny Summer Read?


If your summer isn’t complete without a fun, easy, beach read, check out my debut romantic comedy novella, Fake It Til She Makes It. Even better—it’s free as an e-book on Amazon (and Amazon UK) now through Wednesday, July 24. Woot!

You: Cool. What’s it about?

FITSMI--summary w 3Dcover

You: Gimme a teaser.

Nora has the opportunity to land her dream job at a popular magazine. There’s just one problem: a teeny mistake during her interview. The employer thinks she has a boyfriend when she really doesn’t. And they’ve invited her and her so-called significant other to the company’s upcoming weekend retreat.

Jacob, her ex-boyfriend, is all for helping Nora, especially because it’ll help him. Ever since they broke up five years ago, his dating life has suffered. He’ll take Nora to the company weekend retreat and act like she’s her boyfriend if it’ll give his dating life a boost.

An ex. A fake relationship. A company weekend retreat. What could possibly go wrong?

You: Sounds like trouble. Fun trouble. Tell me more.

You can read an excerpt, if you haven’t already.

FISMI--What Readers are saying

You: Your book will make me laugh?

Yes, maybe out loud.

You: Will it make me cry?

Er, probably not. But a reader says, it’ll “give you heart eyes.”

You: I like heart eyes. That’s one of my favorite emojis. I’m in.

Great! Here’s the link to Amazon again. But wait, there’s more. (Boy, that was cheesy. But I just can’t help myself.)

Last fall, I posted a serialized story called The Bachelorette Blogger. Once a week for nine weeks, I released a chapter at a time, featuring the cute, new relationship between Zoe Claiborne and Trevor Dobbs. Now, the short story is available as a one-hour short read called I Run Sometimes. It’s about 35 pages long, and is on Amazon for free now through Wednesday, July 24, too.


You: You’re pushing it now. But give me the pitch anyway, lady, since I’ve read this far.

Bachelorette Blogger, Zoe, loves dishing out her dating woes online. Although she’s pretty sure her mom, Marcy, hates it. 

They both love a good bet, though. So when Marcy challenges Zoe to one, she can’t say no. 

Even if the bet allows her mom to play matchmaker? Even if she risks giving up her blog forever? Um, sure. Her mom’s matchmaking attempts are always duds anyway.

Trevor doesn’t expect much when his interior decorator tries to set him up with her daughter, Zoe. 

But when a blind date involves speed dating at a modern art museum? Definitely a first. 

Despite the bizarre setup and wacky art around them, he feels a magnetic connection with Zoe. And he has only five minutes to convince her to give him a shot. 

You: Sounds cute.

I hope you’ll check out my books and enjoy reading them. If you’d like to know what I’ll be working on next, join my email list.


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5 thoughts on “Looking for a Free, Fun, Funny Summer Read?

    1. Libre, thank you for bringing up the link to Amazon UK. Romantic comedy books are hugely popular in the UK, some of my fave authors are Brits (e.g., Sophie Kinsella, David Nicholls), and my sister-in-law lives there. I’m ashamed for my oversight. I just added Amazon UK links to other places on my site, and I’m going to make a conscious effort to include UK links on my site from now on. So a big thank you, again, for pointing this out!


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