Rene Penn

Book One

Fake It Til She Makes It, a Romantic Comedy Novella

An ex-boyfriend. A company weekend retreat. A fake relationship. What can possibly go wrong?

*Hit Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller Lists for American Humorous Fiction and Humorous American Literature*

“Terrific Romantic Novella”

A quick, funny romantic read”


Nora and Jacob were so cute together”

“I want more!”

“Loved loved loved this read!!”

Book Two

Santa Bring Me a Ryan

A whimsical, holiday romp that brings together love, family, and the Christmas spirit.

(New book cover–same book content as published in Dec. 2019)

“Fast-paced, sweet and funny!”

I’ll be buying Rene’s next book”

“I’m from Missoula, MT and loved her description of the town and winter there.”

“Awesome read”

“an inspiration for those who never give up on love”

Rene Penn writes fun, funny, fast-paced romantic comedy fiction. When Rene isn’t writing, she likes to go on walks with her husband, scours the internet for delicious recipes, and despite her allergies, dreams of owning a cute dog someday. She lives in southern California.

Rene’s Blog

My Achy Breaky Heart

My heart is breaking. A common feeling for many, I think. First, the pandemic hit the news. Coronavirus ravaged China. Then, Italy. I remembered the trip I took to the north several years ago to Lake Como and Milan. I recalled the breathtaking view from a scenic lookout at the top of the Duomo, andContinue reading “My Achy Breaky Heart”