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Book One of the Sweet Matchmaker series

The Billionaire’s Matchmaker

What if the matchmaker is his perfect match?

Reviewers are saying:


this book will have you believing in fairy-tales…if you don’t already”

“Loved it!”

Fast read that hooks the reader

“Keisha and Marcus😍

“A perfect lunchtime read!”

Book Two of the Sweet Matchmaker series

A Match Made Sweet

Can a bitter breakup lead to a sweet second chance?

Reviewers are saying:

“Another great book”

“a satisfying happy-ever-after”

“chemistry was off the charts”

Book Three of the Sweet Matchmaker series

His Sweetest Match

This player’s ready to settle down. But will karma let him.

Reviewers are saying:

“Frothy appeal”

“I love, love, love this author’s talent!”

“Her characterization, swoony chemistry, satisfying conclusion and commitment to heated not graphic interactions make this a wonderful reading experience.”

Book Four of the Sweet Matchmaker series

Sweet Winter Night

Sometimes love strikes faster than a winter storm.

Book Five of the Sweet Matchmaker series

Sweet Billionaire Valentine

He’s up for auction. She’s ready to win.

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Book One of the Love and Work series

Fake It Til She Makes It, a Romantic Comedy Novella

An ex-boyfriend. A company weekend retreat. A fake relationship. What can possibly go wrong?

*Hit Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller Lists for American Humorous Fiction and Humorous American Literature*

Reviewers are saying:

“Terrific Romantic Novella”

A quick, funny romantic read”


Nora and Jacob were so cute together”

“I want more!”

“Loved loved loved this read!!”

Book Two of the Love and Work series

Santa Bring Me a Ryan, a Romantic Comedy Novel

A whimsical, holiday romp that brings together love, family, and the Christmas spirit.

(New book cover–same book content as published in Dec. 2019)

Reviewers are saying:

“Fast-paced, sweet and funny!”

I’ll be buying Rene’s next book”

“I’m from Missoula, MT and loved her description of the town and winter there.”

“Awesome read”

“an inspiration for those who never give up on love”

Book Three of the Love and Work series

A Weekend with Warren, a Romantic Comedy Novel

A workplace rivalry takes an unexpected turn.

Reviewers are saying:

“an intriguing story with all the ‘feels'”

“the characters really come to life”

Rene Penn writes fun, funny, fast-paced romantic comedy fiction. When Rene isn’t writing, she likes to go on walks with her husband, scours the internet for delicious recipes, and despite her allergies, dreams of owning a cute dog someday. She lives in southern California.

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My Latest Story…Free

Looking for a sweet, small-town summer story ? I’ve written a fun, clean romance short story called A Summer of Songs. It takes about an hour to read and was a lot of fun to write. And, oh yeah, it’s free. 🙂 About A Summer of Songs: Ex-boy-band member Brent Diggs used to top the R&B charts andContinue reading “My Latest Story…Free”

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