Meal? Snack? Sweet Potato, Plantain, and Sausage


My husband came home with a plantain from Wegman’s. Every once in a while I like to cook them at home. Here’s the problem with that…

I bake them in the oven, which means they never taste as good as they do at a Caribbean or Mexican restaurant. Healthier, yes. Tastier, no.

Lesson learned, I looked online for a recipe that included fried plantain. This recipe caught my eye, which has sweet potato, Italian sausage, and a tasty mayo sauce. It was perfect because I wanted something heartier than plantain alone.

Check out Everyday Sierra’s recipe for Sweet Potato, Sausage, and Plantain Bowl with Creamy Chili Sauce

I had seen something like it before online, and initially thought the food combination was a little too, um, unique. But let me tell you, it’s yum-my. Especially Everyday Sierra’s recipe, which is the best I’ve seen for this dish.

It’s not difficult to make, nor does it take a long time. I just had to time the cooking pretty well, and keep my head on a swivel.


First, I baked the sweet potatoes…


But before the sweet potatoes were done, I started browning the Italian sausage. I must admit, the Italian sausage part of this recipe was what sold me. I was intrigued by the flavor that this would bring to the plantain and sweet potatoes.


While the sausage was browning, I pulled together my seasonings for the tasty mayo drizzle. Everyday Sierra calls it the creamy chili sauce.


Can’t forget the plantain, of course…


Put it all together, and drizzle the sauce on top. So. Good. You get a little sweet from the plantain and potatoes. You get a little savory from the Italian sausage. And the chili cream sauce is a blend of the two. The sauce also prevents the dish from tasting dry.


I made this recipe on a Saturday and we had it as a late-afternoon snack. I’d read that it could be considered a breakfast dish, but that doesn’t work for my morning palate. I’m an oatmeal or pancakes or eggs kind of girl.

I also read that this dish could be considered a meal on its own. If you’re not eating bread, this would probably suffice for that type of diet. If not, it could be served with rice or added as a flavorful side dish to a meal.

This recipe made enough for leftovers the next day. On day two, we used it as a side dish for a taco dinner. Worked like a charm.

If you’re interested in trying something yummy unique, or are figuring out what to do with that ripening plantain on your kitchen counter, give this recipe a go.


Timer photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash



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